Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yay for Daddy!

Your daddy just surprised me and offered to pay for three new bras!

I asked if I could use our joint account credit card last week and he asked that I hold off a week so I did. Then today we were in the office - he on his computer, me on mine - and I asked if I could use the credit card. My boobs have been very, very sore each and every day and I can't go without a bra - even when I sleep, and he's very well aware of the discomfort I've been in.

That's when he said that I could put them on his Visa!

Yay for Daddy! :) Yay for his supporting the girls in preparation of you!

P.S. Only two more days till we get to see you for the first time! :) I'm super excited.


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