Saturday, July 19, 2008

First gifts

Before I even got pregnant, your daddy and I agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone we were expecting (once that BFP came along) until we were three months along because of my "advanced maternal age" and just in case.

However, once I finally did get that BFP, it was super hard not to tell anyone because I was alone at the time (your daddy was on his way home from work) and because I simply wasn't believing my eyes... so I called my bff (best friend forever)/cousin Katrina. We're exactly 6 months and 3 days apart in age (she's older) and we grew up to be closer than cousins and more like sisters. She was my maid of honor, she's been there forever for me, the one true cheerleader I've had since I could walk and talk. Needless to say, Katrina was beyond elated when I shared the news.

You should know, little one, that Katrina will be more than just your second cousin; I think it's safe to bet her role would be more of an Auntie. A wonderful, caring, nurturing aunt. And if we were very religious and were to get you baptized, she would - without any hesitation - be your Godmother.

Anyway, earlier this week I got a copy of Belly Laughs in the mail from one of my 'internet friends' (the only other person who knows of the pregnancy besides daddy and Katrina). It was our first gift! And it was a great gift. Then later in the week, I received another package; this one was a FedEx box and it was from Katrina in New York City:

A whole bunch of pregnancy and parenting magazines! Also included was another copy of Belly Laughs (Jenny, you sure did find a gold mind writing that book!) and a beautiful card:


(outside of card)

(inside of card with personal message blurred out)

The card absolutely says it all: "There are some very special moments in our lives that touch our hearts and change us forever. Discovering you're about to become a mother is one of the most special moments there is."

I can't wait, my little one... I cannot wait for you to join us.


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