Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 4

July 7, 2008: So today is day four since getting that BFP (big fat positive) and can I say that I'm loving it? I'm dead tired most of the day, but it's so worth it to me. Bring on the exhaustion, the sore boobs, the morning sickness!! If it means a healthy 9 months, I'm all for it!

Work was a little busy today so I didn't have much time to post anything. I felt fine all day, except for being exhausted. I had to take a nap during lunch as a result. It's all good though.

My boobs have been OK and there hasn't been any cramping except for now... but I'm just taking it as a sign that things are happening in there. After all, I'm not in excruciating pain or bleeding or anything. Speaking of bleeding, I really need to stay away from the miscarriage posts on the internet... sometimes, the internet can have too much information.

So I need to talk about your daddy for a second because he's been so awesome. He keeps talking to you like he's yelling, but he's not really yelling in a mad way - just in a way that maybe you can hear him. It's quite endearing and I hope he talks to you as time progresses. :)

Well, according to all that I've read, tomorrow marks the start of week 5! My lil poppy seed will turn into the size of a sesame seed!

It's all so wonderfully amazing.

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